April 19, 2009

HEH: Janeane Garofalo on Dissent, Then and Now. Yeah, the contradiction’s obvious. But mostly, I notice how much better she looked, and sounded, back in 2003. What happened?

UPDATE: Reader James Somers writes: “Glenn, you pose the question of what happened to Janeane Garofalo between 2003 and now. I’d submit that it takes a lot of energy to be that angry: it uses you up, consumes you, wastes you. People like Garofalo spent the better part of eight years in an absolute rage, and it took an awful lot out of them. And pace the idea that it’s the right that’s now out-of-control angry: the continuing temper tantrums of people like Garofalo and Roesgen suggest that a good chunk of the left is still quite mad.”

Yeah, but that’s a cautionary note to folks on the right now, too. Don’t let the anger build up and consume you. Be a happy warrior instead.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hate: It Does A Body Bad. Indeed. Plus a warning from Diane Duane, via Moe Lane.

MORE: Reader Stephen Eisenbies writes: “I was just looking at JG’s facebook fan page and there are lots of people criticizing her for her dumb race-baiting rant on Olbermann. In a web 2.0 world, there sure are a lot of opportunities to let these people know what we think. Perhaps this could be encouraged a little more.”

STILL MORE: Reader Joe Ware writes: “Re: item on the cost of being angry. I was at the Alamo Tea Party and the prevailing mood was actually quite happy. People were smiling and friendly, perhaps reassured that they weren’t alone and pleased to be at the birth of something we hope will be significant.” Yeah, that seemed to be the mood where I was, too.

Plus, my vindication.

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