April 19, 2009

THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Joe Biden Collecting Social Security Bonus:

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced last month that Social Security beneficiaries will get one-time $250 stimulus bonus payments beginning in May.

He didn’t mention that he will be one of the recipients.

The annual tax returns for Biden and his wife, Jill, released last week, show he began collecting Social Security benefits in 2008. He became eligible for full benefits in November when he reached age 66. Social Security beneficiaries will receive their $13 billion share of the $787 billion Obama stimulus package as early as May. Each of more than 50 million Social Security beneficiaries is entitled to $250 under the stimulus measure.

“These folks need the money,” Biden said in announcing the payment schedule. “People are going to be actually spending that money.”

Asked about Biden’s decision to begin collecting benefits, spokeswoman Ann Marie Tomasini issued a brief statement: “Vice President Biden is eligible under the law to collect his full benefits at age 66.”

So if paying taxes is patriotic, what about collecting benefits?

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