March 22, 2009

POLITICO: NYT hits Obama. “The leading liberal voices of the New York Times editorial pages all criticized—and, in some cases, clobbered—President Obama on Sunday for his handling of the economy and national security. . . . The sentiment, coming just two months after the president was sworn in, reflects elite opinion in the Washington-New York corridor that Obama is increasingly overwhelmed, and not fully appreciative of the building tsunami of populist outrage.” Well, he could start here. That won’t help the “overwhelmed” part, though.

UPDATE: CBS to Obama: “Are you punch-drunk?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ouch: “At this stage in 1977, even Jimmy Carter wasn’t Jimmy Carter. But, 30 days in, the horror of what they’d wrought began to dawn on Brooks, Buckley and the Obamacons. And, after a mere 60, the A-list libs are starting to figure it out, too.”

MORE: Charlie Foxtrot: I told you so.

Plus, Obama sounding like Dick Cheney?

STILL MORE: “Thoughtful Thinkers Think.”

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