March 22, 2009

A.I.G. PROTESTS VS. ANTI-STIMULUS PROTESTS: Who’s got the real energy? “I’m sure the MSM won’t report this, but the far bigger demonstration was of fiscal conservatives , not anti-business radicals. . . . Now, let me remind you. This is suburban CT on a not so warm day we are talking about. We don’t do protests and ginning up a crowd of any size is tough. But they showed in Ridgefield today. And I can’t remember ever hearing about Dodd being protested before. . . . We have 300 folks outraged at Dodd. They got 40 upset at AIG executives. I like our odds”

Maybe some of that press mob should have been retasked to Ridgefield? But that would assume that they saw their job as covering actual news, rather than advancing the proper political narrative.

Meanwhile, Don Surber makes the comparison, too.

Photoshop courtesy of reader Dark Eden.

UPDATE: ABC News notices.

ANOTHER UPDATE: In the comments at the ABC item, I’m noticing some lefties making unsubstantiated claims of “violence” at the tea party protests. In keeping with Robert McManus’s prediction, I guess this is a sign that someone’s getting worried. Next they’ll be calling them “hate rallies.” Hey, it’s not like they’re marching on people’s homes with preprinted signs . . . .

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