March 19, 2009

GOOD QUESTION: “Why is Ed Liddy taking all this grief? The government brought him in to clean up this mess. As nearly as I can tell, he took the job for a dollar a year — adjusted for inflation, that’s less than FDR’s dollar-a-year men got! — and there is no disclosure in AIG’s SEC filings to suggest that he is getting anything more than that (although to be sure we have to wait for the proxy statement). Why has Liddy become every federal politician’s punching bag? One is forced to wonder why he does not just tell the Obama administration that they can find some other chump to wind down AIG.”

UPDATE: Reader Thomas Prewitt writes:

After watching the Liddy debacle on C-SPAN, it has become painfully clear to me that our federal government is a joke. Those jerks were personally attacking a man working very hard to pull our collective butts out of the fire, all at great risk to his reputation, and for only $1 per year. I was angered and saddened.

Congress has zero accountability. The only solutions that I can come up with to address this are term limits and flat taxes. If the American people don’t put the reigns on these people by limiting the power of longevity and limiting their ability to tax us to death, we are doomed.

I vote the the Tea Party movement adopt term limits and flat taxes as major components of governmental reform.

The current crowd isn’t inspiring confidence.

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