March 15, 2009

THE WHITE HOUSE LAUNCHES A PRO-PORK POLITICAL ASSAULT: “Should be interesting to see if all the Facebook Obamites, assorted young people, Hope-Changers of all stripes will rise out of the trenches for a big bayonet charge in aid of ‘President Obama’s bold approach … for long-term prosperity.'” Plus, from the comments: “I find this ‘community organizing’ on the national level just a bit alarming. It isn’t for the benefit of the people. It’s for the benefit of the kleptocrats in government, and the Community Organizer in Chief.”

In a somewhat related note, reader Robert Sykes doesn’t like the Newsweek “Silence Rush” cover:

I think there is a very serious, very important issue here.

The President publicly identifies a private citizen (Limbaugh) for vilification, and his spokesmen repeat it several times. Then a “major” publication calls for his silencing on their cover. Furthermore, this citizen is already controversial, and he is supported by only one-third of the people, making him a sort of pariah and easy victim.

There are many deluded wackos out there like Sirhan Sirhan and Hinckley who might take all this as orders to kill Limbaugh. God forbid such lunacy! It would constitute a giant step towards the nazification of America, and it would have been instigated by the President and the press.

I doubt that David Frum’s prose could move anyone to murder, or much else. But this campaign is unseemly behavior for the President, and if something like that were to happen, it would be fair to blame them, as they are always blaming talk radio for “hate.” Regardless, this continues a trend of thuggish and unserious behavior that we first saw during the campaign. I think that, ultimately, it will harm Obama more than his enemies, though. It suggests that he doesn’t value the dignity of the office, or see the Presidency as anything apart from himself.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “It’s reminding me of the Clinton administration’s efforts via the mainstream media to demonize conservative talk radio with blame after the Oklahoma City bombing.”

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