March 14, 2009

CELLPHONE PICS ARE COMING IN from the Columbus, Ohio Tea Party protest, currently underway. I’ll just note that these don’t look like the “spoiled yuppies” that lefty critics are denouncing. And is that a picture of the Debt Star in the background?

UPDATE: Like I said:

Lots more pics here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Chris Vassaux emails: “Hi Glenn! Yes, the Debt Star (first seen here by me) was on the back of my sign. I guessed at about 200 people in attendance, I didn’t think that was too bad for a cold Saturday morning, and I do feel that the event was not well publicized. We did have a little fun, (my son and I), but it didn’t feel like an angry leftist protest of any kind. I guess conservatives don’t do it that well. Maybe with a little practice, we’ll get better.” I don’t think you need to get better at being angry. But, hey, it’s worked for the Left. . . .

MORE: Much more here, from Justin Higgins. Plus, video.

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