March 9, 2009


Meanwhile, Kevin Hassett says it’s a war on business. And some people are wondering if Geithner is being set up as the fall guy.

Also, Nate Silver says don’t blame Obama for the stock market.

UPDATE: “Why are the markets falling?”

Investors really don’t know what kind of decisions will be coming from this administration in the coming year.

The market’s plunge since he took office is not all Obama’s fault, but he’s earned his share.

To refresh, on Election Day, 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 9,625.

On Inauguration Day 2009, the DJIA closed at 7,949.09.

Today the Dow is 6547.05.

Stay tuned.

MORE: The Dow since the stimulus passed:

STILL MORE: Dan Cleary emails: “Call me irrationally exuberant, but I see no reason why we cannot return to January ’09 stock market levels by the end of Obama’s first term.” Hope! Change!

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