March 4, 2009

POLL: Obama’s popularity at an all-time high. But there’s this: “NBC/WSJ poll shows gap between popularity of president and his policies.”

Will Obama’s popularity last? The way his team is looking for enemies and scapegoats suggests that they don’t think so.

UPDATE: Reader Donald Gately writes: “The unpopularity of his policies is just the leading edge. Far too many people are still skittish about admitting dislike or distrust of Obama for fear of being labeled as ‘racist’.” Well, we’ll see.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bill Wiltsch writes:

Guess what – in March of ’01, Bush’s popularity was in the 60’s and rising, not falling. Think that will ever be reported amidst all the fawning “Obama is so popular” stories?

Yeah, but Bush squandered his popularity with a grandiose scheme that Americans initially endorsed by big margins but then soured upon when they saw the bill. No chance that’ll happen with Obama!

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