February 22, 2009

U.S. FOREIGN POLICY IN A NUTSHELL: Clinton: China Must Continue to Invest in U.S. Bonds.

UPDATE: Uh oh. Foreigners Wary of Long-Term U.S. Securities. “Just when the United States really, really needs the money, overseas investors seem to be less willing to buy long-term American securities.” Well, we’re not acting like a good credit risk.

MORE: POLITICO: Last week, America ran up the credit card. This week, the statement arrives. My advice: Blame it all on Bush! Even the “stimulus!”

Plus, taking “a bullet train to bankruptcy?”

STILL MORE: A reader notes a different take from Spengler:

The silliest thing that clever people are saying about the world economic crisis is that the United States will lose its position as the dominant world superpower in consequence. On the contrary: the crisis strengthens the relative position of the United States and exposes the far graver weaknesses of all prospective competitors.

Well, we’re embarked on an experiment that will show who is right about this . . . .

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