February 22, 2009

EXAMINER: Taxpayer revolt spreads as tea party goes national.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the phenomenon from U.S. News. And here’s a cautionary note from Mark Tapscott: “As much as I rejoice in the sight of legions of fed-up Americans taking to the streets to protest the central government’s colossal waste of the first fruits of their labors, it is important that people understand that the original Boston Tea Party was neither spontaneous nor a mere lark.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: John McGinnis emails: “You have had several posts of caution on the tea party movement. Several seem to hinge on how organized the Original Boston Tea Party was. No doubt. But the build up to that was 10 years of disorganized then organized effort to that event. We are only 4 days into the cycle. Cut them some slack.” Good point.

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