February 21, 2009

NEW YORK TIMES: Obama Widens Missile Strikes Inside Pakistan.

Question: “Wouldn’t it have saved a lot of time if Obama had just asked W to be his War-on-Terror czar?” Meet the new boss, yada yada.

UPDATE: Obama Administration Still Defends State Secrets.

Plus this: “In the past, objecting to a Gitmo-Gulag comparison was evidence of a ‘withered moral sensibility,’ but I suspect we’re allowed to reject such false equivalencies now.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Heh: “Looks like we can schedule the Obama war crimes trial to run concurrently with Bush’s.”

Well, Fritz Hollings is already on board. . . .

Related thoughts at Dissenting Justice:

If progressives now believe that they overreached in condemning Bush, they should make this clear. If progressives simply wanted to drum Republicans out of power, they have made a mockery of the very values they claim to embrace.

Read the whole thing.

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