February 18, 2009

STILL MORE PICS from the Denver taxpayers’ rally.

Plus, news coverage in The Examiner and the Denver Post. From the latter:

As President Barack Obama’s pen touched paper today to make the federal stimulus bill law, hundreds of people rallied on the west side of the Colorado Capitol to decry the stimulus as irresponsible.

Protesters chanted, “No more pork!” and a few wore costume pig noses. They waved giant $30,000 novelty checks, representing the amount they said the stimulus would cost individual taxpayers. . . .

Many in the crowd professed great skepticism about whether the stimulus would spur the economy.

“I just think there’s no stimulus here,” said Peter Paulos of Denver. “It’s all pork barrel, and I think there are some hidden measures in it. Nobody really read the bill.”

Well, that’s certainly true. Read the whole thing.

MORE: Still more coverage, plus a photo slideshow.

Plus, reader Fred LaSor writes: “Did you notice who was NOT at the Denver Taxpayers’ Protest? Tim Geithner. ‘Cause he’s not a taxpayer?” Heh. Not really fair, but . . . not really unfair.

STILL MORE: Video. And lots more here.

MORE STILL: Next protest scheduled for Mesa, Arizona. (Bumped).

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