February 17, 2009


Plus, “Yes we care.” “Community organizing helped propel Barack Obama to the White House. It could work for fiscal conservatism, too.” Still more here. And reader Judith Sears emails:

I went to the Denver Pork Protest today. I don’t have a camera, so no pics. There was a good crowd – I’d guess 250 – 300, but I’m no expert. Somebody announced to us that the signing had only attracted about 75…but it was invite-only. The protest crowd was pumped and enthusiastic. The organizers brought up a pig, which got the most applause. Unfortunately, the Colorado Republicans are uninspiring speakers and didn’t seem to get the point that this was a rally – a time for chanting and hooting and hollering. Most read their speeches – poorly – and the speeches, although okay on substance, sounded like something that should be delivered on the floor of the House or Senate, not something for pumping up the base for a long political struggle. Nevertheless, we cheered whenever we got the chance and got some “No More Pork” chants going in between speakers.

Was anybody else there? Oh, yeah, here are more pictures.

And more pictures here.

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