February 10, 2009

MORE UNHAPPINESS WITH OBAMA from a previous Bush critic:

Nobody doubts that there are legitimate state secrets — but the Bushies, and now apparently the Obama/Holder DOJ, thought that anything that makes the U.S. government look bad should be a state secret. The theory is that disclosing government crime or misconduct would embarrass the government in the eyes of the world, and whatever embarrasses the government in the eyes of the world harms national security. . . . Retroactive complicity is an important, and underexamined, moral category. People cover up for others for many reasons, not all of them bad. But the longer and more involved the cover-up becomes, the more deeply implicated you get — not only in the cover-up, but in the original misdeeds that you’re concealing as well. Little by little, you come to own the deeds yourself. Or they own you. It’s time to throw away the Ring, Frodo, before it hooks you and enslaves you.

I am less surprised than some by the Obama / Holder position. But then, I never thought we elected Frodo.

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