January 6, 2009

MY POST LAST NIGHT on the 10″ Asus netbook produced an email from reader James Flanagan, who loves his 10″ Samsung N10: “The key selling point for me was the large keyboard, which feels like a ‘real’ laptop. And unlike my ‘regular’ laptop, never an issue about whether to pack it or not. Thanks for all your great netbook coverage.” Yeah, the Samsung looks cool and I considered it, but it’s a bit more expensive than the Asus.

And Scott Atkinson writes: “Further to your post on your Asus netbook, I am into the second day of use of an HP Mini 1035, a 10″ netbook, that I bought at Circuit City yesterday. Very impressed with the speed of XP and I am astonished at the quality of the screen. I am getting used to the keyboard but as you say, the nearly full size makes it easier to use, at least compared to what I was anticipating. Sufficient features for 90% of my personal computing these days, size and weight seem damn-near perfect and the build quality is impressive as well. Nice job, HP (or their partners at Inventec Hi-tech Corporation of Shanghai, China according to the side of the box).”

I like the mini-Note line, though the one I tested had Vista which slowed it down considerably. Great keyboard, though it seems a bit heavier than the others. Good battery life, though.

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