January 3, 2009

CHRIS DODD UPDATE: Connecticut Post:

Thumbs down to U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd for his continued obfuscation over the particulars of his alleged special mortgage rate treatment. This needn’t be an issue, but if Dodd won’t answer questions, people are going to keep asking. He says there was nothing untoward about the mortgage rate he received from Countrywide Financial, a company that was heavily involved in the nationwide mortgage collapse. He feigns indignance each time the issue is raised. But he can make the questions stop easily. All he has to do is release documents on two mortgages from Countrywide, each of which seemingly came in with interest figures below the going rate. As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, he should have long ago put this issue to rest.

Yes, he should have, and his failure to do so suggests to many that he’s got something to hide.

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