September 30, 2006

CAPTAIN ED: “I cannot tell CQ readers how disgusted I am with Speaker Hastert.” He’s referring to reports that Hastert knew of Rep. Foley’s behavior but did nothing.

I have been no fan of Hastert all along, of course. I wonder if this story ties in somehow with his over-the-top outrage regarding searches of Congressional offices in the William Jefferson case.

UPDATE: One of Capt. Ed’s commenters is citing TV reports that Hastert asked Foley to resign as soon as he saw the IMs. I haven’t seen those, but stay tuned. Lots of discussion, some of it informed, here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: John Hinderaker weighs in.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: TigerHawk is absolutely right, which means that — in a phenomenon as regular as the sunrise but more frequent — Glenn Greenwald is wrong again.

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