June 27, 2006

A KOS KONSPIRACY? “Earlier today as I wondered boldly through left blogistan, if occurred to me that, rather than the hissy fit I mentioned below, what we’re really seeing is coordinated attack on the progressive bloggers.”

Meanwhile, Robert Wright is defending Kos against David Brooks.

UPDATE: Hillary hires Peter Daou from Salon, and Dan Riehl is questioning the timing.

Jim Geraghty asks: “Has any prominent potential Republican candidate hired a ‘blog guy’?”

He also weighs in on Wright’s defense, which relies on his Kos timeline.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Heh: “Nowadays, you have to hire a blogger to fend off the bloggers. This blogging game is playing out nicely.”

Plus, defending Kos from inaccurate puns.

MORE: Still more questioning of the timing.

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