December 21, 2008

MOUTH BUT NO MONEY on Proposition 8? Generally, when I “beat the bushes” for contributions, I also contribute myself. Apparently Andrew Sullivan feels differently, or perhaps there’s some mistake somewhere.

UPDATE: A commenter says it’s because Andrew’s not a citizen. That makes sense, if California law bans donations by non-citizens; does it? You’d think Michael Petrelis, a gay journalist in California who’s covered Prop. 8 extensively, would know if it does.

ANOTHER UPDATE: You’d think that, but apparently you’d be wrong: Dan Collins says foreign nationals can’t donate. So no story here.

MORE: A reader emails: “Maybe we should make Sully produce the hospital records to prove he’s not a citizen. Did his mother really give birth to him, or did Bristol Palin travel through time? ;-)” That way lies madness. No, really.

And Jules Crittenden says I’ve missed the real story here. Plus, Dan Riehl calls for marital money-laundering. I don’t think it’s fair to demand that, though it’s certainly not unknown in politics.

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