March 29, 2006

TROUBLING STUFF AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY: Eugene Volokh and Diana Hsieh have more.

UPDATE: Reader Louis Rossetto emails: “Can we officially label this ‘A Crisis in Higher Education’® yet, a la what Time used to be able to do and get away with? Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Yale . . .”

Meanwhile, NYU alumnus Steven Sullivan emails:

I just wanted to write quickly to note the NYU event calendar for today, which is right on the main NYU page at There’s a “coming out chat” and a “sex toy party” in addition to a seminar in the “Sex Work Matters” series going on today and tomorrow. All are open to the public. Now, I find nothing offensive in all this. But I feel certain there are some who might. Is John Sexton going to make sure no one comes in from off-campus who might not agree with the content of those sponsored events?

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ve already written President Sexton a polite letter. I’m sure I’ll get something brief, chilly and condescending in return.

Sexton’s actually not a bad guy. But we’re seeing a distinct lack of backbone here.

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