March 22, 2006

JOHN SCALZI’S OLD MAN’S WAR has been nominated for a Hugo Award. So has Charles Stross’s Accelerando.

I’ve read ’em both, and they’re both really good. You can hear our podcast interview with Scalzi here.

UPDATE: Oops, somehow missed it before, but I’ve also read Ken MacLeod’s nominee, Learning the World. It’s also excellent. People want to know how I’d vote, and it’s a tough call. I think I’d give Scalzi the nod, because Old Man’s War isn’t just good, it’s also the kind of “entry-level science fiction” that the field needs, something you can’t really say about the other two. On the other hand, MacLeod’s heroine is a blogger, which ought to count for something. (Is it a trend?) (Bumped.)

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