March 18, 2006

THE NEW YORK TIMES’ APOLOGY for being suckered in an Abu Ghraib scam isn’t enough for Mediacrity. “The issue, however, is not one reporter’s sloppiness or gullibility, but rather a system that is all too eager to skew the military and publish anti-American swill without even elementary checking.”

Ed Morrissey isn’t impressed, either: “The correction, quite frankly, stinks.”

UPDATE: More thoughts from TigerHawk: “Can you imagine any excuse more humiliating? Probably not, but it is instructive that the Times obviously thought the ‘PBS said it’ defense would fly. Sheesh.”

Still more bad news for the Times here and, perhaps, here.

MORE: Tom Maguire has further thoughts, and offers a mild correction to Ed Morrissey and TigerHawk.

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