January 31, 2006

ARMY OF DAVIDS UPDATE: Well, the book officially comes out in just over a month — if you’d like to preorder a copy (and I’d really appreciate it if you would, as the publisher thinks its important to have lots of preorders, and early enough that the books will actually be on-hand and ready to ship that first week) you can do so via Amazon or, if you’re one of the people who doesn’t like Amazon, there’s always BarnesandNoble.com, or your local brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Here’s an advance look at some of the blurbs that will appear on the book (and, someday, on the Amazon, B&N, etc., sites):

“Reynolds shows that technology can empower individuals to determine their own futures and to defeat those who would enslave us . . . a book of profound importance—and also a darn good read.”—MICHAEL BARONE, senior writer at U.S. News & World Report and author of Hard America, Soft America

“Glenn Reynolds has written an essential book for understanding how technology and markets are creating a bottom-up shift in power to ordinary people that is changing business, government, and our world. Packed with fresh ideas and adorned with graceful prose, An Army of Davids is a masterpiece.”—JOE TRIPPI, author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

“Reynolds shows how average Americans can use new technologies to overcome the twin demons of corporate greed and incompetent government.” —ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, author of Pigs at the Trough and Fanatics and Fools

“A smart, fun tour of a major social and economic trend. From home-brewed beer to blogging, Glenn Reynolds is an engaging, uniquely qualified guide to the do-it-yourself movements transforming business, politics, and media.” —VIRGINIA POSTREL, Forbes columnist, author of The Future and its Enemies

“Reynolds’ beguiling new book tells the insightful story of how an ‘army of Davids’ is inheriting the Earth, leaving a trail of obsolete business models not to mention cultural, economic, and political institutions in its wake.”—RAY KURZWEIL, scientist, inventor, and author of several books including The Singularity is Near

“‘Must read,’ ‘gotta have,’ ‘culture changing,’ –I am suspicious of blurbs with such overused plugs.

But Glenn Reynolds’ An Army of Davids is in fact a must read new book, that you gotta have if you are going to even glimpse the culture changing forces that are unleashed and at work across the globe.

And did I mention that it is the best title in a decade?” —HUGH HEWITT, syndicated talk show host and author of Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World.

An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and other Goliaths (ISBN: 1-59555-054-2, $24.99 U.S., Nelson Current) will publish March 7, 2006.

But you can pre-order it now! Did I mention that?

UPDATE: Laurence Simon emails:

Will you be offering signed copies of the Army of Davids book?

I’ve been collecting autographed copies of blogger books.

That and Pez dispensers. But I’m assuming there isn’t a Glenn Reynolds Pez Dispenser.

Sadly, no. But I’ll figure out a way to autograph a copy of the book for anyone who wants it.

MORE: Several readers sent advice like this, from Laura Blanchard: “Signed bookplates… much cheaper to mail than books.”

Great idea. Closer to the pub date I’ll post more on how to do this: An address you can send a SASE to and I’ll return a signed bookplate, or some such.

Meanwhile reader Kathleen Hay observes: “I think this is a shrewd time to release your book. I just received $75 in amazon gift certificates that come from spending money using the amazon Visa card for Christmas presents.”

That’s enough to buy 4 copies!

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