November 30, 2005

ADS: Yes, those are PJ Media ads on the right sidebar, which have replaced the BlogAds I used to run. The PJ Media ad folks want to test reader reactions, so if there’s something you like, or don’t like, about the look of the ads, email me with “New Ads” in the subject line and I’ll pass it on. (Hit “refresh” and the ads’ll change.)

In passing, I want to note that I never had any problems with Henry Copeland’s BlogAds operation. It’s a great boon to bloggers, and Henry is a great guy, blessed with smarts, good nature, and integrity. He and I have talked about this move, I left BlogAds with his blessing, and my experience with BlogAds was entirely positive. I moved to PJ Media because of what I hope it will eventually do to encourage firsthand blog reporting, especially from third-world countries and other areas that don’t get much media coverage now. I recommend BlogAds to anyone who’s interested in having ads on their blogs without joining an organization like PJ Media. It’s a big blogosphere out there, and there’s room for different approaches — and Henry’s is a good one.

UPDATE: Here’s a complaint that BlogAds is invitation-only now. Yeah, sorry, I forgot about that, and I gave away all my invitations already (guess who got the last one). If you really want in, you might ask some people with BlogAds on their site. But I suspect that any “open entry” model is going to wind up looking like Google’s AdSense, about which I hear mixed reports. I never tried it.

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