November 11, 2005

THE NEW GALLOWAY BROTHERS DOCUMENTARY, Why Wal*Mart Works and why that makes some people C-R-A-Z-Y! is coming out next week. There’s a trailer online now. I guess it’s the one they edited in the car.

I’ve never understood why Wal-Mart makes some people crazy, but it clearly does. I prefer Tarzhay myself for its more upscale ambience, but my discomfort with Wal-Mart is purely aesthetic, and I think it’s odd that some people see it as evil incarnate. As I said when they interviewed me for this film (I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know if I wound up on the cutting-room floor, which is probably where I belong), I think there’s a class issue: Wal-Mart is unavoidable evidence that the American working classes don’t think, or live, the way the American thinking classes want to imagine. For this sin, Wal-Mart can never be forgiven.

Of course, they could really get my loyalty with a Samuel’s. With Hebrew Nationals and free wi-fi!

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