September 29, 2005

THANK GOD PEOPLE ARE FINALLY CATCHING ON: Several years ago, my brother and I (as eco-folk band “The Meadowlarks”) released a song called “How Many Flowers Must Die,” about the senseless slaughter of our petalled friends on Valentine’s Day.

Driving home tonight, I heard an NPR story featuring a song by Brad Paisley called “How Many Flowers Have to Die?” addressing the same point in a highly similar fashion. (“Stop the senseless killing . . . Tell me, how many flowers have to die?”) Advantage: The Meadowlarks!

The Floral Rights movement is finally picking up steam. . . .

UPDATE: Of course, this effort from the same “we can invent a cheesy fake band and write and release a song in a single six-pack” era is also seeming pretty timely about now. Everything old is new again!

Hey, come to think of it, this effort is timely, too, though it wasn’t finished over a six-pack, alas.

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