August 6, 2005

IN THE WAKE OF THE LONDON BOMBINGS, we’ve heard — rightly — that Muslims need to be less tolerant of terrorist sympathies within their own communities. But implicit in that is the notion that authorities will act when someone tells them about threats, and that hasn’t always been the case in the past:

A leader at a mosque visited by one of the London July 21 bombing suspects says he warned police that Hamdi Issac was dangerous more than two years ago.

An elder at the Stockwell Mosque in south west London says he wrote to a senior police officer urging him to help deal with a group of young people who had been “harassing” and intimidating the moderate Muslims.

Toaha Qureshi, one of the mosque’s Trustees, told CNN that Issac — the alleged Shepherds Bush attempted bomber currently fighting extradition from Italy — was a prominent member of the group.

Qureshi told CNN that mosque officers had made it clear they regarded 27-year-old Issac as a threat and a destabilizing force.

Presumably such complaints will get more attention now. (Via Ed Morrissey).

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