April 28, 2005

ANN ALTHOUSE NOTES A SLUMP IN INTEREST for both liberal and conservative talk radio,and puts it down to the boringness of today’s debates:

I’d say people get tired of talking about politics all the time. And — the article doesn’t mention this — the debate about Social Security was mind-numbing! Also, even though I’m especially interested in the topic, the subject of judges, religion, and the filibuster is really tiresome. What are the good topics?

How about the history of the filibuster! I think this has its parallels in the blogosphere, too. Some people wish I were blogging more about politics, but I find Social Security and filibusters boring as well. Sorry. More words of wisdom: “If you satisfy some listeners, you lose others. You can’t please everyone, and putting together an interesting mix is an art.”

And the blogosphere is a place with millions of channels.

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