March 30, 2005

ON THE EVE OF ELECTIONS, Zimbabwe’s opposition is acting optimistic:

Supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change now openly flash their party’s salute in many places across the country. And yellow MDC T-shirts abound. MDC candidates have held hundreds of public rallies – a first – and have even had some access to state-controlled media. It’s all part of an election campaign that has been relatively calm – despite previous years marred by political oppression, including beatings, and even murders. Ndira himself has been been arrested 19 times and was once beaten so badly he nearly lost his arm. . . .

But opposition members and diplomats are hopeful that, win or lose, the election will hasten the end of the Mugabe regime. So for now, “There’s jubilation everywhere,” Ndira says.

I certainly hope it works out that way. I’d like to see more vocal support for democracy in Zimbabwe from South Africa and from Western nations.

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