December 29, 2004

MORE PROBLEMS FOR NEWSPAPERS: A reader sends this link to a story from Barron’s:

IN RECENT YEARS, online job site has been gobbling up listings from newspapers, once the go-to place for employment ads.

And the beast is still hungry.

After eating newspapers’ lunch–the vital classified job listings posted by larger businesses – Monster now wants to grab listings taken out by small and mid-sized businesses seeking to fill blue-collar positions.

“People want to spend dollars where they can get the best employee pool, and a larger and larger percentage of that is on the Internet,” says Mark Mahaney, an analyst with American Technology Research.

What’s sad is that newspapers have seen this coming for 20 years — they went out of their way to get the Bell system breakup done in a way that kept phone companies out of electronic classified ads — but are still getting clobbered.

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