December 22, 2004

BLOGGING AND OPEN-SOURCE JOURNALISM: Jay Rosen notes an interesting development here and here. (Via Ed Cone).

It’s also worth noting what James Lileks says in his syndicated column for today:

In a sense, blogging is so 2004. The next big thing will be videoblogs. You can fit a rudimentary TV studio in a suitcase — a laptop, a camcorder, a few cables, and a nearby Starbucks with Wi-Fi you can leech onto to upload your reports. This too will be good. One hundred thousand pairs of eyes looking high and low, versus CBS’ staring monocular orb. We’ll all turn to the nets to see what they think we should think. And then we’ll hit the blogs for the rest of the story.

It’s the end of the old media, but only the start of the new.

Yeah, and you can actually fit that studio in a smallish briefcase, nowadays.

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