November 30, 2004

KOFI ANNAN MUST GO: That’s Sen. Norm Coleman in tomorrow’s WSJ. It’s a free link.

UPDATE: Interesting article from the Asia Times, too:

Secretary General Annan had a blessed first term, but a second term that is turning into a nightmare. The mismanagement of the return of the UN to Iraq, alleged corruption in the oil-for-food program, and reported sexual harassment within the UN have coalesced in an unprecedented degree of staff antagonism toward Annan. The crisis has been compounded by what some have interpreted as an attempt by Annan to woo the John Kerry team with the hope of obtaining a third term if the Democrats had won the November US presidential election. . . .

While Annan has unambiguously stated that he will finish his term, in the shadowy world of diplomatic doublespeak, the fact that the statement on Iraq was made at all raised eyebrows. Ultimately, all will depend on the Bush administration, on what the current investigation of the oil-for-food program will unearth and to what use the information will be put.

I think that the investigation will unearth some devastating stuff. As to what happens next, well, that depends on whether Kofi Annan’s personal interests, or the United Nations’ institutional interests, are foremost.

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