January 15, 2022

JIM TREACHER: We Need a Maximum Age Requirement for President.

No offense to my older readers, but we need to amend the age requirement to run for president of the United States. It’s fine to keep the minimum age at 35, but we need a maximum age as well. I’d propose Joe Biden’s current age minus, oh, let’s say four years just to be on the safe side. So that would cap eligibility at 75 years young.

A natural-born American citizen gets 40 years to make it into the White House. If you can’t get it done by your 75th birthday, too bad. You had your chance. That seems fair, right? Four decades is more than enough time, isn’t it?

Because the alternative is… this.

Biden’s always had anger issues, but now that he’s in his dotage, they’ve only gotten worse. (Trunalimunumaprzure!) As Treacher writes, “Joe Biden should step down before he falls down.”


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