January 13, 2022

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: “[Stacy] Abrams hasn’t specified what led her to bypass Biden’s event… Her decision triggered speculation… that she was avoiding the president’s souring approval ratings.”

Here’s the transcript of the event, with the text of the speeches given by Biden and Harris. Did anyone even mention the glorious victory of Georgia’s football team the day before? A tremendously uplifting event had occurred. It wasn’t political. It was special to Georgia.

But the Washingtonians descended upon the state with dramatic, racialized negativity. They insisted on setting the tone, their tone, and it wasn’t jubilation. And not one speaker mentioned football. How could they? It would spoil their message of joylessness. It would offer discordant evidence that Americans can come together, and life isn’t all about politics.

Democrats would hate that.

Plus, from the comments: “As for Biden, I see a lot of gas station ‘I did that’ stickers here. Sometimes I fill up twice a day.”

Plus: “They can’t remind anyone about Georgia football winning a National Championship lest people remember who led the last championship team. He’s running for Senate right now and he’s a Trump guy.”

And: “Wasn’t it the old Georgia Democrat senator Zell Miller who opined that Democrats had shrunk the their big tent to the size of a dunce cap?” I miss Zell.

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