January 12, 2022

THERE ARE PEOPLE I READ AND ADMIRED LONG BEFORE I CAME OUT OF THE POLITICAL CLOSET: People who kept me sane when I was terrified anyone would find out. People who were companions in the fight even when they were — objectively — unaware I existed.  Blake Powers was one of those people.  And he’s run into some pretty heavy weather. I mean, literally, having been struck by lightening, which led to cardiac issues and other problems.  He’s trying to put his life back together.  Of course, bloggers don’t have insurance. Only they kind of do. It’s people like you — and me — and yes, I know, I asked for help recently, and was overwhelmed at your generosity.  Well, Blake needs help, and he’s not someone who asks lightly.  It’s been an incredibly rough few months. However bad your 2021 was, his beats it.  So, he wrote about it here, and he’s asking for help.  A New Life.

Donate if you can, and if you can’t, spread the word as far as you can.  In the end, we only have you. And each other.

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