December 8, 2021

BLUE CITY BLUES: Security Guard: Denver’s Union Station ‘Being Taken Over’ By Crime & Drugs, Is ‘Major Risk For Patrons.’

On a recent pre-dawn trip to Union Station, CBS4 observed dozens of people sleeping or passed out in the lower-level bus terminal. Others appeared to smoke narcotics on the plazas and inside the bus terminal. Twice, young men accosted a CBS4 reporter who was taking pictures, one threatening to stab or assault him if the videotaping continued. Bathrooms in the bus station section of Union Station are now unsafe, according to Fleming.

“If you want to stay safe, stay away from the restroom. Go where you are going and don’t make eye contact with people and take stairs instead of the elevator,” he recommended.

Fleming said that just an hour earlier, he and his colleagues had revived a young man who had apparently overdosed on fentanyl in the bus terminal.

Last Week: RTD union calls Denver Union Station a ‘lawless hellhole.’

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