December 6, 2021

JUSSIE SMOLLETT TRIES TO CONVINCE THE COURT ‘THERE WAS NO HOAX:’ “As I wrote back in February of 2019, the Smollett incident is a vital reminder that some hate crimes are hoaxes; it would behoove the media to tread lightly with respect to sensational claims that only feel true because they confirm certain biases. On college campuses, where what passes for hate crimes are termed bias incidents, and are often investigated by university officials, most go unsolved. But among those that do get solved, the vast majority are either deliberate hoaxes or misunderstandings: Somebody left some wires or shoelaces hanging from a tree or a doorknob, and an alarmed person reported it. There are, of course, thousands of real hate crimes committed every year, but the flashiest incidents—the ones that neatly conform to stereotypes about racist Trump supporters— should be approached with caution.”

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