December 4, 2021

FIGHT THE POWER, STICK IT TO THE MAN: Princeton students call out dean’s Rittenhouse email for ‘factual inaccuracies, misconstrual, and virtue signaling.’

“There is a sizeable cohort of your students who agree with the Rittenhouse verdict; they think––as we do––that the jury executed its fact-finding mission faithfully and thoroughly, and that the facts of the case were applied to produce an outcome in accordance with what the law (not the moral judgment of a dean) requires.

That opinion has been echoed by many serious legal commentators. Issuing such a one-sided and misleading statement in your capacity as Dean, we fear, sends a message to students that the institution (qua you) has taken a position on the matter (the “right” position), and runs the risk of chilling serious intellectual discussion on important public issues. In sum, we found your statement to be factually and pedagogically erroneous.


Though in this case it’s not The Man, but The Woman.

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