November 30, 2021

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Stacey Lennox: The New COVID-19 Scariant Distracts From Questions We Should Be Asking About Vaccines. “Mass vaccination for an illness that causes fatigue and a slight cough for a few days seems a bit over the top if the current assessment holds. Still, the coverage appears to breathlessly hope that the new variant is still dangerous to the elderly to justify their authoritarian biosecurity state.”

Matt Margolis: Joe Biden: The George Costanza of Presidents. “‘My whole life has been a complete waste of time,’ George Costanza once declared on Seinfeld. And that pretty much sums up Joe Biden’s political career as well.”

Yours Truly: Natural Immunity Works Better Than COVID Vaccines: New England Journal of Medicine. “If you missed the news, you’re not alone. The news broke during the busy Thanksgiving holiday, allowing outlets like CNN to publish on Thanksgiving Day when many people (including Yours Truly!) don’t bother reading the news.”

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