November 25, 2021

THE POWER LINE MID-WEEK IN PICTURES: Special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition.

Related: James Lileks flashes back to Coca-Cola’s mid-century Thanksgiving-themed ads and provides several scanned examples: “It’s not that Coke necessarily believed in any of this, although I’m sure the bottlers did. Coke was thankful for the things you liked, and if you have a different set of preferences, or the culture insists that you should have a different set, or the zeitgeist of the ad industry wants to elevate another set, then Coke will be thankful for those things, too. Any commercial historian who wants to chart these things will probably see that Coke pulled back on the Churchy Stuff before the culture did, in the same way advertisers in 1940 and 1941 went all in on defense-and-preparedness ads before the culture mobilized post-Pearl But back then I think they were good at sniffing the wind. Now I think they believe it’s their job to set up the fans.”

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