November 13, 2021

WILL ANYTHING CHANGE AT CNN? David Zaslav Vows To Be “Very Hands-On” And LA-Based In Running Warner Bros Discovery; Future CNN Boss Calls Fox News An “Advocacy Network, Not A News Network.”

[Ken] Auletta elicited some of the most provocative comments of the session when he asked Zaslav about the news business and his expected stewardship of CNN. At one point, he asked whether Zaslav, who helped create MSNBC when he worked at NBC in a prior career chapter, thought Fox News did “a good job” as a news organization.

“I think Fox News is much more of an advocacy network than a news network,” Zaslav said. “That’s the business I’m in, with Food Network and HGTV. Those are advocacy networks.”

In the 1990s, when MSNBC and Fox News launched, Zaslav said, “the world was in a different place. I think overall we’d probably be better off if we just had news networks in America,” rather than those with an opinion element. “But we don’t. Media tends to be a reflection of where the country is. Where the country was when we launched MSNBC was much more fact-based and less divided.”

Targeted media platforms today, from podcasts to newsletters, have enabled people to “find their voice,” Zaslav continued. “And then you have networks that emerged that look to support and nourish and reinforce those voices. I don’t think overall that’s a good thing. I think we’re better off all having a chance to see, as Carl Bernstein would say, the best version of the facts that we have.”

Quoting Carl Bernstein in a positive light is quite a tell that CNN will continue its leftist slant.

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