September 30, 2004

LAME QUESTION FROM LEHRER: Kerry says you’re a liar. Does that raise any hackles? Bushy: I’m a pretty calm guy. Kerry thought Saddam was a threat too.

Kerry: Bush didn’t go to war as a last resort.

N.Z. Bear: “OK, I’m not hypersensitive about such things. But these questions are turning out to be extraordinarily biased. Every question seems to be ‘so, let’s talk about the mistakes Bush has made…'”

UPDATE: Reader Charlotte Muhl writes that there weren’t many questions about Kerry’s record:

Is anyone saying the obvious? This foreign policy debate was all about putting Bush on the defensive. Why no attention to Kerry’s 20 year Senate record of votes and statements on foreign policy, military and intell issues?! All I heard from Lehrer the entire evening was one sorta, kinda follow-up question on Kerry’s post Viet Nam protest.


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