September 30, 2004

KERRY PUTS HIS FOOT IN IT: The President says that even knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction he would have gone in the same way. I would not.

Er, but Kerry said he would have gone to war even knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction.

And how’s Kerry going to “change” the fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons.

Hugh Hewitt thinks that Lehrer is pitching softballs to Kerry.

UPDATE: Bush points out the Kerry contradictions. “As the politics change, his positions change, and that’s not how a commander-in-chief acts.”

Strong comeback for Bush on sending troops to die and understanding the stakes. It’s the first time he’s seemed fully on his game.

Kerry response: “I was in Vietnam!” Take another drink.

Kerry’s comeback gets better, until he starts talking about a summit as the key goal. That seems limp.

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