September 28, 2004

DANRATHERMUSTGO.COM — the commercials there are apparently running during the CBS Evening News in some markets. Ouch.

The news story on these ads is here: “Last week, a Texas congressional candidate launched a television campaign ad linking his opponent to Rather, accusing the incumbent of airing advertisements that have ‘more holes than a CBS News story by Dan Rather.'”

UPDATE: Reader Bruce Bretthauer emails:

If people want you to blog about other things than Dan Rather, what about Sandy Berger removing files from the National Archives? Is he still connected with the Kerry Campaign? Why doesn’t Kerry have Berger take “administrative leave” while those accusations are sorted out? Why doesn’t MSM care about this? Is the MSM explanation another example of “fraudulent but true”?

They do seem to have let that one drop.

ANOTHER UPDATE: In response to the email above on Berger, a reader objects that Berger is no longer advising John Kerry, citing this Washington Post article. (“Berger Quits as Adviser to Kerry.”)

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least, this article dated September 23, 2004 seems to have him still working for Kerry:

Sandy Berger, former White House National Security Advisor and key foreign policy and security advisor to Democratic Party presidential candidate John Kerry, hinted Wednesday that should Kerry win the U.S. presidential election in November, it was possible that the decision to reduce U.S. troops in Korea would be reconsidered.

Perhaps this is just a misunderstanding. Or perhaps Berger’s resignation was only for domestic purposes?

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