October 29, 2021

BY ANY MEANS FAIR OR FOUL: Tiki-Torch Wielding Virginia Dems Caught Faking White Supremacist Photo Op to Smear Glenn Youngkin.

UPDATE (From Ed): Lincoln Project takes credit for tiki torch stunt McAuliffe campaign passed off as genuine Youngkin supporters.

It does seem awfully on-brand for them:

(Updated and bumped.)

ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): A friend messages: “Why would Lincoln Project include a black guy in its fake tiki torch white supremacist lineup? For authenticity, because there actually are conservative MAGA blacks? I mean, I applaud the stab at verisimilitude. But it does kind of undercut the intent.”

Well, the Lincoln Project. Remember when they said they were leaving the Trump GOP to fight for decency?

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