October 27, 2021

KEVIN DOWNEY JR: Wake Up Patriots: The Commies Are Winning.

I used to think the nation had “systems” in place to prevent such a takeover. I was wrong. The Democrats found a way to pry Trump, a true patriot, out of the White House. Mark Zuckerberg was a big part of that plan.

Biden sent his apparatchik lap dog, Merrick Garland, to Arizona to threaten the auditors into stopping. Democrats are fighting election audits in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. What’s there to hide, Dems?

Why did the left want Trump out? Was it cheap gas, historically low unemployment, and an economy that was booming, for the second time, after COVID hit? Was it mean tweets? No, it was because commies want to destroy, even if it hurts the people.

Read the whole thing.

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