October 26, 2021

MICHAEL WALSH: A Country Gone Mad Needs a Counter-Revolution.

It’s time for the counter-revolution, and one place to start is in two off-year gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Jersey is probably too far gone down the path of punitive socialism to be competitive—early returns by both mail and in-person (yes, they’re already voting even though Election Day is not until Nov. 2) show registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans 237,000-77,000, with another 56,000 ballots from independents. But the incumbent, Phil Murphy, one of the worst of the fascist COVID overlords, is widely loathed from the pine barrens to the hill country, so perhaps challenger Jack Ciattarelli has a chance.

In Virginia, former Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe is trying to regain the governorship for a second, non-sequential term—Virginia’s governors can serve two terms but can’t directly succeed themselves—but a race that seemed his to lose just a few weeks ago now has become just that. The reclamation of Virginia—the birthplace of eight presidents—would sting the left badly and offer hope of reclaiming the Electoral College in 2024.

Hapless Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings—he’s so far underwater now he’d need a diving bell to resurface—have dragged former favorite McAuliffe down into a virtual tie with his hitherto unknown challenger, Glenn Youngkin.

McAuliffe, who has never lost his atrocious Syracuse, N.Y., accent, is a brazen carpetbagger and D.C. swamp creature who relies on the federal workforce in northern Virginia bedroom communities to put him over the top. But his temper—he stormed out of a TV interview the other day—and his insistence that parents should have no say in what their kids are being taught in the public schools have seriously damaged him with the electorate. In the meantime, real Virginians are propelling Youngkin to what looks like a photo finish.

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