October 14, 2021

WATCH OUT!  HERE COMES PAUL TAYLOR!:  For twenty years, Paul worked as a Republican counsel on Capitol Hill, mostly for the House Committee on the Judiciary, where he specialized in civil rights, civil liberties and constitutional issues.  On a couple of occasions, I had the pleasure of working with him.  Now that he’s off the Hill, he will be speaking his mind on Substack. His first post is a 50-minute video debunking in detail the false narratives promulgated by some of the most popular “critical race theory” books.  It’s been a hit with many of the heroic parents who have been challenging corrupt school boards about the efforts to indoctrinate their children into a radical ideology religion.  (Yes I’m talking about the parents that the National School Boards Association compared to domestic terrorists.)  You can sign up there for his Substack if you feel so inclined, including for the free version.  Paul also has a series of essays on the same topic.

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