August 31, 2004

JENNA AND BARBARA: Arnold’s a tough guy to follow. But they didn’t follow him very well. Okay, the hamster joke wasn’t bad.

UPDATE: Well, if this was the plan, I guess it worked.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Brian Noggle: “They didn’t do too well, but they’re just 22. What was I doing at 22? Stocking the dairy section at a grocery store. However, I was doing open mikes, so I would have had better timing.”

But Ann Althouse liked them: “They are fun and self-effacing.” Maroonblog agrees: “Not so bad.”

Then there’s this mixed review: “It felt like bad MTV VMA filler, but I totally want to ask them both out.” On the other hand, some female viewers were less impressed: “George P. Bush does have a beautiful smile. The word “yum” does come to mind. The twins didn’t impress me much – tried to be too cute, and it didn’t fly.” Hmm. The Bush clan — something for everyone!

Er, except for James Lileks. But Gerard van der Leun gets the last word: “Not every moment can be a perfect gem, folks.”

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